Andalusia Day Spa
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40643 Grimmer Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538

Business Hours: 7 days a week 10:00am – 9:00pm
Closed on Tuesdays
Andalusia Day Spa's Testimonial

Andalusia Day Spa's Testimonial

I first learned about this Spa from a friend who visited during the Grand Opening, The Spa has several different massages and therapies to choose from but being an Athlete I opted for the Sports Massage and it was GREAT! My Massage Therapist Judy was professional and really worked out the kinks and I left feeling relaxed. I made the commute from Mountain View to Fremont which was only about 15 minutes. I was very impressed and I have rescheduled my next visit. In short a great spa well worth the money. A relaxing place to walk into with friendly staff and professional Therapists! Highly recommended and the drive is worth it!

This place is like a hidden gem. I noticed the place while I was eating across the street. I was surprised to find such a classy massage parlor that offers so many different types of massages and facials among a slue of happy ending spots.
It is obvious the place is newly renovated, all the rooms are squeaky clean and beautiful, especially the ones with the jacuzzis. The masseuse was very professional, they ask you where you want the massage to focus on and they really make sure they follow your request.  There are complimentary beverages before and after service. It was Great!
My complaints are that the entrance of the place in a bit difficult to find, and that it is a bit overpriced, but since they are new they are still offering promotions which made it reasonable. But those doesn't over shadow the great time I had at the spa.

When I arrived the massage therapists were already waiting for us in the reception area. The ambiance of the spa when I walked in was calm and serene.  My therapy room was just what I was expecting: calm, quiet, and dark.  Judy was very attentive to my preferences, . I got a very good hour-long Swedish Massage, which thoroughly melted away the 17 hours on a plane I had endured a few days before.

I fully recommend this place, the setting is a welcome change from places that can't make up their mind if they are a massage center, a salon, or a day spa. They do massage here, and they do it very well.

From the moment you step into the Andalusia Day Spa you are greeted with the soothing sound of water and relaxing music. The atmosphere and decor is absolutely gorgeous! To me it was like being transported from crazy to calm in a matter of seconds.
Prior to my message I was offered a complimentary beverage. I was surprised to find that Champagne and Wine were among my many choices!

The Massage suites were so amazingly soothing that I was relaxed even before my Message began, My Masseuse was very professional and the message itself was the best ever! I followed my message with a relaxing soak in the huge Hydrotharapy Spa and I was in heaven!
All I can say is it was the most amazing and relaxing experience that I have ever had in a Spa and I am sure to return again and again!
Thank You Andalusia Day Spa...You made my day now back to reality but I'll most definitely be back when I need to escape!!

This is a beautiful spa! The masseuse was very professional. I was experiencing low back pain from carrying around my 6 month-old, and asked her to not to rub too hard in that area. She was very gentle and I left feeling like a new person!
The atmosphere inside the spa is very calming and helped me to really enjoy being pampered. I cannot wait to go back!

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